Our Board & Management Team

For more information regarding Our House contact the office on 02 6629 4350 or 0409 158 526 or email reception@ourhouse.org.au

The current Our House Board are:

Dr Chris Ingall - Chair of Our House, Paediatrician and Our Kids Founder
Ben Carrol - Deputy Chair of Our House, SP Walters Solicitors
Gaetano Astone - Treasurer and Local Businessman 
Rebekka Battista - Secretary, Our Kids Fundraising Coordinator
Suzette Pearce - Lord's Taverners and Community Member
Donella Kinnish - Rotarian  
Kathern Willis-Sullivan - Medical Doctor
Thomas George - Community Member

Our Kids

Our Kids is a self-funded trust under the umbrella of the Northern NSW Local Health District and holds DGR Status under the Area Health Business registration. Our Kids aims to improve health services for children in the Northern Rivers.

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The current Our Kids Board is:

Suzette Pearce - Chair of Our Kids and Community Member
Dr Chris Ingall - Paediatrician and Our Kids Founder
Luke Hoolihan - Community Member
Tania Kirkland - Community Member, WCA Accountants
Rebekka Battista - Our Kids Fundraising Coordinator
Tanya Jones - Community Member
Simon Stahl - Community Member, The Casino Food Coop

Josh Bull - Solicitor, Somerville Laundry Lomax Solicitors

Nick Bordin - Community Member

Dr Chris Ingall, Chair


Ben Carroll, Deputy Chair

SP Walters Solicitors

Gaetano Astone,   Treasurer


Rebekka Battista, Secretary

Our Kids Fundraising Coordinator

Thomas George

Former State MP for Lismore

Suzette Pearce

Community Member

Donella Kinnish


Dr Katherine Willis-Sullivan

Ruth Harrison

General Manager

Tanya Harris-Bateman

Assistant Manager